Custom Made MCB Boxes

Pre Wired MCB Box

Wiring Cable Compartment

The cable compartment gives ample room for terminating the power cables. Removable top roof sheets allow for easy conduit hub installation. The floor of the cable compartment is open to allow cable entry from underground duct banks.
Optional floor plates are available.

Multi Tier Distribution Box

  1. Suitable for Din-rail mounted components
  2. Available in multiple rows/ section, each row capable of accepting 16 and more single phase breakers.
  3. Din rail breaker


  1. Multiple neutral and each terminals available.
  2. Door with cutout covered with transparent sheet.

Control Wireway

An isolated vertical wireway is provided for routing of factory and field wiring in each switchgear section. Breaker secondary terminal blocks are mounted as
standard above each circuit breaker.
The terminal blocks are rated 30 amperes and will accept bare wire, ring or spade terminals for wire size ranges of #22 to #10. Extruded loops are punched in side sheets of the vertical wireway to allow securing of customer control wiring without the use of adhesive wire anchors.
Control Wire—
Standard wire is Type SIS insulated stranded copper, extra flexible No. 14 AWG minimum. Control Wire Marking—
Each wire is imprinted with ink cured under ultraviolet light for durability and for easy identification by the user. The enhanced solvent resistance and durability of the aerospace grade UV cure ink has been tested for severe environments. The imprinting is made periodically along the length of the wire, with the ends being imprinted more frequently. The point of origin, wire designation and point of destination are imprinted in the following format: <origin zone/wire name/ destination zone>. Each device has a uniquely designated zone. “<” indicates the direction of the wire origination and “>” indicates the direction of the wire destination. As an option, wire marking can be made utilizing sleeve type or heat shrink sleeve type.

Control Wire Marking

Secondary Terminal Compartment Door—
The customer’s secondary terminal connections are located behind a separate door providing access to these connections without the need to open the breaker compartment door.
Shipping Split Connection— At each shipping split, the control connections are made with plug-in terminal blocks rated 600 volts, 40 amperes. The terminal blocks interlock mechanically without removing the line or load connections. This method of making the shipping split control connections increases the speed of installation and reduces the potential of incorrect connections.